How Flexible Shafts Solve Power Transmission Problems

Flexible shafts can simplify or replace conventional methods of power transmission, such as belts, pulleys and universal joints.

August 25, 2022
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Have alignment or vibration issues? Have problems mounting transmission system components? Flexible shafts can help solve these problems. They are direct, mechanical methods for transmitting rotary power or motion between two points through a simple or complex path. Flexible shafts can also simplify or replace conventional power transmission methods like such as belts, pulleys and universal joints.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about the benefits of flexible shafts:

  • Nearly eliminate the need for precise alignment between driving and driven shafts
  • Enhance the absorption and isolation of vibration
  • Increase ability to withstand shock of sudden load changes
  • Lower initial assembly and maintenance costs without impacting safety
  • Decrease the need for universal joints, pulleys and couplings
  • Provide added freedom in mounting transmission system components

Register to view the webinar, and let’s talk about how flexible shafts can solve your complex drive problems.

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